You Can Laugh At Lead Generation and Follow Up Worries – If You Follow This Simple System!

[EXCLUSIVE] “Million Dollar Realtor Follow Up Strategy Video Will Show You How To Automate Your Business So You Can Generate More Listings, Find More Buyers, And Get More Referrals!

James Smiley
B2B Digital Marketing Influencer / Author / Speaker / Coach
From the desk of: James Smiley
Dallas, TX

Dear Friend,

It seems like it's getting tougher and tougher to land those coveted listings and find precious buyers...

Which means your suspicions are correct…

The old methods don’t work anymore!

The truth is... 

There are some big changes coming down the pike... 

On how realtors generate leads, follow up with them, and ultimately close deals!

This will affect ALL REALTORS

If you know what these changes are you will pivot, adapt, and crush your competitors.

If you don’t… 

Then you’ll be watching from the sidelines as some of your peers seem to magically conjure a realtor’s dream life for themselves while you wallow in despair and regret.

If you watched the video you may have noticed that the theme was…

Tech enabling your real estate business to pretty much run on cruise control... 

When it comes to the tedious, mundane, and boring tasks that are required to run a fun and successful real estate business.

The video also talks about the 3 main things holding realtors back… 

And that is the lack of relentless follow up, admin overwhelm, and unproductive habits. 

These are the main reasons why very few realtors are earning a full-time income.

In fact…

As of Feb 26, 2020... 

Real Estate agents in the US earn an average salary of $42,183

This means most realtors are in the bottom 39% of top income earners in the U.S.

Which seems kinda crazy being that pound for pound…

The ability to sell real estate, when grossly compared to other professional services and commission based careers…

Is a license to print money!

At an average $7,500 per deal on the low end… 

By just closing a deal a month…

A Realtor can make 90K a year.

So why then… aren't realtors as a whole crushing it...

And at least making low to high six figures consistently year in and year out?

Here’s another question…

Why is this the case even when the real estate industry has been on a tear for the last 10 years…

And is now once again... about to BOOM!? 

On average, a top producer earns around 112K a year to start, according to BLS.

Mega producers earn 500K to Millions.

What would you say the difference between a mega-producer and an agent who earns 42K a year is?

You guessed it!

A process to profitably and consistently automate their marketing and sales.

You heard Tom Ferry talk about these tools and processes…

And how important… In fact, 

How essential and indispensable they are! 

He even mentioned a few of these tools…

And I couldn’t agree more!

If you're a realtor and you’re not leveraging these tools…

You will be as naked and exposed as a Krispy Kreme box of donuts in an after-school detention class.

And you’ll get eaten alive!

But the thing is…

He didn’t go into specifics on how to do ANY of it…

He didn’t share the details on how to create a lead follow-up and deal-closing machine for your business…

And most importantly... 

What bundle or combination of tools are the best to deploy…

Or WHEN to deploy them!

But don’t worry…

That’s what we’re going to do for you.

But before we get into that… Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

My name is James Smiley and I’m a Digital Entrepreneur and Coach.

I’ve been recognized as one of the most innovative and in-demand entrepreneurs under 40. I’ve led $0 to $20M growth for two different companies, been a part of a Silicon Valley SaaS IPO, and consulted for 3 of the Fortune 10 (Facebook, Amazon, and AT&T)

I’ve been the behind-the-scenes paid advisor to over 560 executives & entrepreneurs. My primary specialty is helping entrepreneurs with rapid revenue acceleration by leveraging online automations and my proprietary digital marketing systems. 

I’ve published 7 books, recorded 1000s of videos and podcasts, trained over 12,000 B2B sales reps, delivered 600+ speeches, and sold over $210M before the age of 35.  

I’ve also shared the stage with the likes of Gary V (America’s #1 entrepreneur), Robert Herjavec (Shark Tank), and Kevin Harrington (Shark Tank)

I also played some college football and I’m a former ESPN Bassmaster pro angler and fished in the Bassmaster National Championship.

But don’t take my word for it…



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Now that you know a little bit about me…

Let’s get back to the topic of automation…

Because look... 

We know tech-enabled solutions are great…

We know strategies and tactics are awesome…

We know being disciplined and focused is the key...

But without ACTION nothing happens!

And I have something for you to take action on today.

Something that will equip you to pretty much kick ass... 

And make your Real Estate business fun and cool again... 

By making it super easy to follow up with leads, get those listing appointments, and find those buyers with a click of a button!

The Six Figure Realtor’s Marketing Automation Deployment Backpack – MADPACK™
A bundle of 3 simple but madly effective tools backed by a process that will help you to: 

Pinpoint-follow up with leads, prospects, and clients. – Is this lack of strategic structure that keeps leaking listings and buyer opportunities right from under your nose. This will no longer be the case once you grab your MADPACK™ and deploy its matrix-sentinels-like tools!

Organize and scale your messages and most importantly, strategize the exact timing of THOSE messages. Which is one of the main reasons why people ignore you, and shamelessly ghost your calls and texts.... Even when they initiated the contact to begin with!

Focus all your effort on what matters most – by creating new selling and buying opportunities, getting more listing appointments, negotiating more contracts, and closing more deals. –That’s what the perfect combination of tools and processes inside the MADPACK™ can do for you.


We will also give you, if you want it, a brief tutorial on how you can, in basically minutes, set up your own MADPACK™…

Regardless of what tools you use…

We’re simply giving you a way to map out your message strategy... 

Build it once… and just tweak it from time to time.

And then just sit back and wait for it to do its job...

All you have to do is leverage its power!

How does that sound?

So let me give you a lighting fast tour of... 

The tools in your MADPACK™ bundle:

Retail price $97/mo. Save with discounted bundle.


Keep in contact with all your prospects, leads, and clients by sending and receiving text and multimedia messages.

Make live phone calls right from your web browser, send ringless voicemail messages, setup automated outreach campaigns...

And much more!
Retail price $47/mo. Save with discounted bundle.


You can’t follow up and optimize on what you can’t track! 

With LinkWizard you can create custom (branded) short links that are easy to remember. 

Get more insights by tracking Link Clicks & Conversions. 

And get in depth analytics via also custom fired pixels!

Retail price $97/mo. Save with discounted bundle.


Build your website and funnels in literally minutes! 

Genius Pages takes away any excuse for you not to have a digital asset you can deploy and start growing your list of prospects, leads, and soon to be listing and buying clients.

So it seems you're all out of excuses here my friend.

Because today you have the chance to get the ONE THING that can level up your real estate business better than anything else…

The MADPACK™ bundle is the ONE THING that will finally give you the chance to play at the same level of those Mega Million Dollar Producers ...and get the recognition and life you deserve.

Here’s how you can grow your real estate business overnight. The system is simple. You can set it up in a few days…

Or ...we can do it for you! (more on this later)

With MADPACK™ you will finally have control over who you want to reach, how to reach them, and when to do so – The 3 main elements of a lucrative real estate practice…

Then once set up it will instantly start working for you…

Sending key messages to the right people, at just the right time…

Tracking links and visitors to your posts, listings, and different social media assets…

And finally setting you free to do the work that matters!

Having this system at your disposal really puts you in the driver’s seat because your focus is no longer on the details…

The system takes care of that for you.

Your focus is now on identifying new opportunities for buyers, sellers, and referrals…

So you can capitalize on them.

The fact is that if you want to get out of the bottom 39% of income earners… 

And shoot up to one percenter status. This is what you want.

And that’s why you need to get this today.

If you were to get these tools separately, your monthly cost would be around $190 per month

But if you subscribe to our 14-day Trial before the timer on this page hits zero, you can get it for HALF OFF.

That's $97 per month.

So click on the Start My 14-Day Trial button on this page and get access right away.

And if the 50% discount isn’t enough to push you over the edge, this will.
When you sign up today... 

I’m also going to give you The Realtor's 7-Step Marketing Automation Deployment Guide on how to set up your very own, fully automated, Tom Ferry-style lead-gen and follow up system!

So even if you decide not to continue after the 14 days…

You can keep the guide and use it to map out your own marketing automation system with ANY tools you want!

We want to make sure that whether you become our client or not (and we very much want you to!), you put yourself in a position to win!

So click the button below and get yours right away.
You heard Tom Ferry talking about push ups right…

But here’s the simple truth…

Yes implementing MADPACK™ in your real estate business is something new, and it’s going to take a little time (days), and effort (minimal).

It’s like doing push ups… it’s not super-hard, but it will take some effort.

The difference is that with MADPACK™ you build these systems ONE TIME…

But you keep getting the benefits forever.

It’s like if you did a set of push-ups one time in your life… 

But you had the same effect as if you did them every day!

That would be pretty cool wouldn’t it!

Oh - one more thing…

I want to talk to the realtors out there who’ve tried everything and are still feeling stuck.

The realtors who have spent years trying new things, spending money on systems, coaching, and tools.

The realtors who buy every new, shiny, fashionable and popular thingy under the sun… but still aren’t where they want to be.

I know exactly how you feel… I did all that stuff too. 

Heck I’m a marketer, successful coach, real estate investor, and digital entrepreneur…

So believe me when I tell you… I’ve bought everything!

And I want you to know that my team and I have your back!

You’ll know if this is for you or not within minutes of playing around with it.

For most realtors it clicks right away.

But I don’t want you to feel rushed. Try it out for 14 days and if you don’t feel it’s for you…

Just cancel your subscription, we won’t charge your card, and you get to keep the The Realtor's 7-Step Marketing Automation Deployment Guide!

So you can’t go wrong here...

This is really the ONE THING that can level up your real estate business fast, and I guarantee it’ll work just as advertised.

So go get your MADPACK™ now! 

Remember – you’re saving 51% and you get to take the whole system for a spin for 14 days... 

PLUS I’m sending you The Realtor's 7-Step Marketing Automation Deployment Guide... Free!

So click the button below and start your journey to a waaaayyy-overdue real estate Mega-Producer lifestyle.

Happy closings!
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